The energies of the Universe are working for our betterment, all we need to do is break the shackles of our mind and trust everything will work in divine timing
Every new day brings new opportunities to experience life in its purest form. I am a knowledge seeker and learner who wants to explore the marvels of life and devote my energies to create something fascinating and unique. I believe meditation is the art of letting the divine dictate the course of our lives. A place of freedom where every feeling is beautiful and every color seems exciting. Painting is the expression of my emotions and an illustration of my faith in the universe.

On The Canvas

Tanti Yulianty

Artist Statement

I never believed in following a definite pattern to art. I prefer to go with the flow and let my imaginations run wild. Beginning from framed canvas and unframed sheets, my early work depicts the beauty of random brush strokes and the delicacy of pallet knives.