In this life nothing happens by accident, everything happens on a purpose. Every unique piece of this life puzzle will make sense sooner or later.

Tanti Yulianty was born in Bandung, a city of West Java Province in Indonesia. She is a profound self-taught abstract artist on a lifelong mission to inspire her viewer through the power of visual storytelling. She embarked on her first major expedition to explore the world in the year 1999 from Indonesia to the island of Curacao in the Caribbean. Dynamic, young, and ambitious, she was enthused by the idea of exploring different cultures, connecting with amazing people, and amassing mesmerizing experiences.
Tanti’s artistic journey began when her life changed its course with the passing of her father just three weeks before the birth of her daughter. As if that was not devastating enough, sixty days later Tanti was struck by a Tsunami in Maldives that shook her world down to its core. She remembers vividly the moments of despair when she was drowning in the ocean holding on to her 40-days-old baby as they both gasped for a breath of air. A rescuer saved Mother and Daughter, but it left Tanti with a deep self- trauma. Unexpectedly this experience altered her life for the better and made her realize the true value of every breath she takes. Slowly but surely she built her life back up and those tragedies have rejuvenated her long-lost passion for art. The development of her unique style of painting is the result of a lifetime of influences she received from her dad, who was also a painter. Her paintings have concealed meanings and mysteries hidden beneath. Her passion for discovering something extraordinary took her to many different regions of the world in search of brilliance. Every unique life experience helped Tanti nurture her true artistic instincts and implanted the attributes needed to create soul-touching works of art. She expresses all through colors, her brush strokes, mark lines and shapes.
Tanti is passionate about her career as a painter, which she loves to refer to as a ‘life journey’ of self-exploration. As an artist, she also takes inspiration from experiencing the beauty of different parts of the world. She has visited and explored numerous amazing cultures around the world and has lived in different places such as the Caribbean – Curacao, The Netherlands, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Indonesia, United Arab Emirates – Dubai. Presently she is residing in Doha – Qatar. Tanti continues to pursue her never-ending search for excellence and aspires to inspire others with her unique works of art.
Tanti Yulianty


Every new day brings new opportunities to experience life in its purest form. I am a knowledge seeker and learner who wants to explore the marvels of life and devote my energies to create something spellbinding and exceptional.