Artist Statement

Free your mind let your hands dance on the canvas and create something exceptional
I prefer to go with the flow and let my imaginations run wild in every painting I create starting with a framed canvas or unframed sheets, my early work depicts the beauty of random brush strokes and the delicacy of pallet knives. I love working with different tools as it adds more range to my work and enables me to practice creativity. Losing myself in the beats of music, I often carve inspirations from the wildest sources. The melodies of the piano, the vibrancy of bass, the resonance of guitar, and the blows of the drums help me disconnect with the real world and bond with my artistic soul. This is the time to let my inspiration DANCE ON THE CANVAS and create something exceptional.
In this moment of trance, all the burdens and worries of the world fade away as I feel like rejoicing in the marvels of life. There are no expectations and I can be spontaneous with first few strokes, those marks help me muse my energy into a single source and I feel natural diving into the depths of my imaginations as I progress from layer to layer. I relish experimenting with my creative side as it enables me to activate my mind and put my emotions into work. Sailing through this amazing journey on the ship of intuitions, I always know exceptional wonders await me at the end.

On The Canvas

Tanti Yulianty


Tanti Yulianty is a self-taught artist who hails from Bandung – A City of West Java Province in Indonesia. Born in the home of Sundanese parents, she always had an incredible passion for arts and a remarkable eye for creativity.